Welcome to Eternal Truth Ministries! Our mission is to partner with local churches to train leaders through discipleship. Our passion is to see local churches healthy, strong, and reproducing in pursuit of the Great Commission.

Why ETM?

What happens when all the leadership resources of a local church are absorbed by political maneuvering and struggles for control of the budget with no experienced disciple- makers functioning in leadership? So here is the reason for Eternal Truth Ministries.

Disciple-making requires spiritual maturity, biblical thinking, time and a personal relationship. ETM works with local church leadership for evaluation, goal setting, counsel and accountability based on a personal relationship and the mutual desire of the local church leadership and ETM "to present every man perfect in Christ Jesus." Since churches rarely seek help until they are financially troubled, ETM maintains a "no charge" policy for its services. ETM maintains a facility in North Carolina where pastors, elders or missionaries from the churches we work with can come for specialized training, refocus or recovery as needed to reach our common objective--to restore disciple-making as the goal and primary focus of church ministry.