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Dear Supporter,

May was a busy month at ETM. Every Sunday I was invited to a church to serve and encourage
local church bodies in Knoxville-TN, Greenville-SC, Hickory-NC and Duck Town-TN. Every day I have Zoom meetings with pastors, elders, workers and missionaries from different countries of
the world (USA, Albania, Romania, Germany, Austria, Spain, Moldova and Ukraine). We are also busy with the preparation of the autumn mission trip which will start on September 12 and end on October 6. This fall’s mission will be in Romania, Macedonia and Albania. We pray that this mission will have an impact in the lives of those we will serve. As a passionate disciple-maker for Christ, Dr Jim Caminata remains tirelessly committed to forging new relationships with other churches to foster meaningful discipleship. Currently undergoing specialized instruction, he is eager to serve an often-overlooked population of individuals living with disabilities. Connecting with fresh relationships where the Lord is working, while actively sharing the Gospel keeps him energized for this vital work among needy residents of Portland, Oregon.

Ethan has begun training a brother in Christ in Romania who desires to be ordained. They meet weekly and go through ETM’s ordination training. As summer comes for the youth group, he is preparing and seeking the Lord’s direction on strategy for discipleship of the teenagers for the 2023-2024 school year. He and Sarah are happy to report that Baby Jane is doing well and thank you for your prayers for both baby and mom.

This month, Colin celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday. He has found out that while one can retire from administrative duties, one cannot retire from discipling relationships. Now, aside from daily stretching, walking his dogs and keeping his house, he is studying, doing research, advising and consulting and driving his 15 year old truck to appointments.

With the rest of this letter, on the back of the page, I would like to share with you the impact that the discipleship and equipping course had on a family that was a missionary in Macedonia and is preparing to go on a mission in Albania for a few years. This family wanted to send a report regarding the 3 months since we have been studying together the discipleship material in order to prepare for the mission, although I did not ask them for a report, they sent it to me. I talked with
them and they agreed to share with you the impact that the time spent together had on their lives,
but they wanted to remain anonymous. I emphasize that this family is very close to us and they
look at us as their spiritual parents and we look at them as our spiritual children:

“Dear father,

 It’s been 3 months since we reconnected and started the discipleship program. I want this email
to be a retrospective of the last 3 months, letting you know how my life was changed, what is the
progress I see and what’s new. I don’t do this out of my pride (even though, I have to admit, I
still fight  pride sometimes), but because I want to be accountable,  just as you thaught us at our
last meeting, and I think it would encourage you.

1. First thing that changed is my perspective about God. I’ve got to know God as a Father, and
you played a big role on this. So, thank you.

2. My prayer time. I always had problems waking up in the morning, but since I had that
awareness in my life, I was able to wake  up for prayer (I must admit, I skipped few mornings
but I recovered in the afternoons).

3 . The 3rd thing was my understanding over the Scriptures.  I feel such a hunger for the living
Word, in a way that I don’t remember experiencing it before. And here is again thanks to
you, because of your clear explanation during your sermons.  Praise the Lord for the revelation
He’s given you.

4 . Netflix is off. It may sound silly, but I was a big fan of Netflix.  It’s been 15 weeks with no
Netflix, no movies.  I replaced them with sermons and worship.

5. 12 kg off. Maybe you won’t think it is connected, but it is. Because I get to fill up my needs
with God, not with food or sweets.

6. Better relationships.  With everyone. (Here are many details, maybe we can share sometimes)
The list can continue, but those are the major things that changed since we started studying the
Scriptures and understanding it.

I want you to know that I am not a very self-learning person and it helps if I get a little hint from
time to time. And I wouldn’t mind, (I would really like it actually) if you would check on me
sometimes,  especially when we will be on the field, so you can make sure I stay on track .
My husband and I are very thankful for you , your family and our time together.  It’s been
extremely fruitful. Thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for prioritizing our fellowship.  Thank you for being my spiritual father, a good image of God the Father.  Thank you for...everything! May God bless you abundantly. All of you. Keep up the good work. Love you dad, Love you Iulia and the kids. 
See you soon, God bless.”